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THE SOLEIL Pink Rattan Woven Clutch

THE SOLEIL Pink Rattan Woven Clutch

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Introducing our newest addition to the Soli & Sun collection - the Large Clutch made from woven rattan 'Solihiya' and T'nalak fabric made from abaca fibres. This unique piece is a stunning blend of natural materials and traditional Filipino craftsmanship.

This Large Clutch is spacious enough to carry your essentials, making it a versatile accessory that can be dressed up or down. Its woven rattan construction makes it lightweight and easy to carry. At Soli & Sun, we are committed to preserving the traditional crafts of the Philippines while creating beautiful, functional pieces that reflect the modern lifestyle.

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Abaca T’nalak fabric, Solihiya rattan weave, wooden beads, gold plated brass clasp & d-rings

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11" x 8.5"

Care Instructions

For surface dirt, slightly dampen a clean cloth with water, and gently wipe the dirt away. Allow the bag to air-dry away from direct heat and sunlight. 


Meet our weavers

The women from the T'boli tribe of Lake Sebu, Philippines create the rattan Solihya weave and the T’nalak fabric that are used in our bags. This type of work helps to sustain their income and keep their indigenous crafts alive.