A world
of color

A warm welcome to Soli & Sun

Our world is a colorful one, after all, we’re in the business of statement accessories, but there’s more to our story.

Founded in 2020 by designer Clare Hynes, at the heart of each piece is a purpose to bring you uplifting style that also uplifts and empowers female artisans in the Philippines.

Our Philosophy

  • Uplifting style

Our collections are designed to be affectionately reached for and to evoke joy. Every accessory we make is to make you feel uplifted, whilst also uplifting and empowering our team of female artisans in the Philippines.


  • Artisanally-made

We don’t believe in mass production and so each Soli & Sun creation is hand-crafted by our Founder, Clare, and a small talented group of women in the Philippines, using traditional techniques that give our pieces their signature look.


  • Eco-friendly

Our planet is precious and so the concept of sustainable craftsmanship extends to the choice of materials we use to construct each accessory and the planet-friendly packaging we use to send our pieces to their forever homes.

Our inspiration

Clare’s adoration of adventure and travel has seen her move all around the globe and over the years, it’s the countries, cultures and colors that have inspired our artisanally-made accessories and led to the authentic styles the brand is recognised for.

Embracing a resort wear feel and featuring tropical pops of color, our uplifting designs are sure to transport you to sunnier climes.

If there’s one thing that really inspires us, it’s you, the women that wear our pieces out in the wild and from our home here in the USA to Australia and Greece, we love to see where in the world your accessories take you.


Let the sun shine in

I’m so pleased you’re here and have discovered Soli & Sun. As an independent designer, it means so much to have your support and this extends further to my team of fellow artisans in the Philippines too who benefit greatly each time you choose to shop with us.

- Clare Hynes